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Prof. Dr. Gábor Kelemen

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Professor, Addiction Studies & Research; Adictive and Counter-addictive Practices in Modernity

tel: +36 72503600 / 23579 ext.


Gábor Kelemen is a psychiatrist and addictionologists, professor at University of Pecs.  

He is a Hubert H. Humphrey Fellow. He has published numerous books and papers in the field of substance abuse and recovery, and has focused recently on the work of EM Jellinek, the founder of alcohol/addiction studies. Among his books are Loss of Control in Alcoholism: Double Description (1990), Wide Spectre of Addictions (1994), Addiction, family and psychotherapy (2001), Social Care for Addicts and Psychiatric Patients (2004), The addiction we live by (2009) and Get Through: A Guide to Reflective Clinical Social work. (2011). 


Featured publications in English:

Kelemen, Gábor & Mark, Mónika (2016), Jellinek Revalued. Drug and Alcohol Today, 16, (accepted for publication)

Kelemen, Gábor, B. Erdős, Márta., Csürke, József., Brettner, Zsuzsa., Molnar, Dániel (2012): Dialogues for sobriety - Health learning in communities. Practice, 24:(1) 21-39.

B. Erdős Márta, Kelemen Gábor, Csürke József, Joan Borst (eds,) (2011):Reflective Recovery: Health Learning in Twelve Step Communities. Budapest: Oriold.   ISBN: 978-963-9771-50-5

Marta B Erdos, Gabor Kelemen (2011): The Finite Universe. History of Communism in Europe 2: pp. 281-309.

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B. Erdős Márta, Kelemen Gábor, Brettner Zsuzsanna (2009): It’s High Time: Experience of Drug-dependent Persons in Recovery.  Journal of Groups in Addiction and Recovery, 4:(3) 202-218.

Kelemen Gábor, B. Erdős Márta, Madácsy József (2007): Voices of sobriety. Addiction Research & Theory 15:(2) 127-140.

Michael Seltzer, Kelemen Gábor (2007): Rituals of Trust to Counteract Double Legacies of Deceit and Denial among Recovering Drug Addicts in Post-Soviet Hungary: An Experience Report. International Journal of Self Help and Self Care 5.(4) 317-335.

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P Osváth, G Kelemen, MB Erdős, V Vörös, S Fekete (2003): The Main Factors of Repetition: Review of Some Results of the Pecs Center in the WHO/EURO Multicentre Study on Suicidal Behavior. The Journal of Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention 24 (4), 151-154.

Kelemen, Gábor (1999): Marriage enhancement as a selective prevention program for couples with Adult Children of Substance Abusers. In: Project Proposal to Reduce Substance Abuse in Ten Developing Countries. A Publication of the 1998-99 H. H. Humphrey Fellows in Substance Abuse. Research Monograph. Johns Hopkins University. Baltimore. 115-129


The full publication list is available in the Hungarian Scientific Publications Database (MTMT):