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International conference on the 25th anniversary of launching Social and Sociological study programmes at the Faculty of Humanities, University of Pécs_6-7 april 2017

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The international conference on the 25th anniversary of launching Social and Sociological study programmes at the Faculty of Humanities, University of Pécs was an outstanding success. More than 200 participants attended the plenary and the parallel sessions. Presenters and participants were greeted by Peter Csizi, Member of Parliament, former student at the department of Community and Social Studies, and Dr. László Jankovits, Vice Dean.

 Professor Gomory (Florida State University), key speaker of the conference who regularly visits the Department of Community and Social Studies to share his thought on critical thinking, enchanted the participants by his liberating and witty presentation.

 Dr. Zsuzsa Kaló (Eötvös Loránd University) presented her recent research results on deficiencies and inequalities in social and health care provided for women with substance use disorder problems. Her presentation pointed out to an acute social issue and represented the best traditions of social research.

 Dr. Csanád Albert-Lőrinc (Partium Christian University) discussed legal issues and indicated some debatable aspects of European citizenship.

 The plenary continued the second day when renowned experts from the Hungarian Association for Community Development joined us. Prof. dr. Ilona Vercseg discussed the mission and autonomy of the professional community worker. Ferenc Péterfi elaborated on the issue of public trust and commented recent results of a national survey.

 The subsequent parallel sessions also attracted a great number of participants.


Addiction and Clinical Social Work (Chair: Prof. dr. Tomi Gomory, FSU)

Presentations of this international session addressed a variety of themes related to addictions, such as the connections between parental alcoholism and drug prevention among children (Ferenc Budán, Szigetvár Hospital);

 the communication of evaluation research findings (dr. Marta B. Erdős, UP);

preliminary results of an international study on major value dimensions and attitudes towards People Living With HIV/AIDS among carers (dr. Eduard Patrakov, Ural Federal University);

initial experiences on applications of Mentalization Based Therapy among clients with dual diagnosis (Tamás Kárpáti, INDIT Public Foundation);

 reflections on possible connections of psychonaut life philosophy and ancient Cynicism. (Prof. dr Gábor Kelemen, UP)








Child Protection (Chair: Dr. habil. Szöllősi Gábor, UP)

Practitioners and researchers discussed practical aspects of child protection. Renowned national and local experts as Imre Takács (National Association of the Hungarian Family Help and Child Protection Services) and Andrea Bíró (Baranya County Child protection) István Nagy, field trainer at UP from Esztergár Lajos Family and Child Welfare Service and Centre, Pécs; Mrs. László Harmath from Pécs City Preschool Social Institution and András Horváth, (Experience Zone Association) contributed to the success of the session.

School Social Work (Chair: Julianna Boros)

The success of school social work largely depends on the quality of collaboration between social workers and other members of school staff. Tímea Gergál’s (Association for School Social Workers) presentation addressed the Pécs Model; and Emma Propszt (Zipernowsky Secondary School) discussed methods of school social work. Erika Csovcsis (Budai Városkapu Primary School), whose innovative and creative approach to public education significantly contributed to combat segregation, shared her experiences as a city school director.

Regional Development and Social Economy (Chair: dr. Gábor Juhász, UP)

The great number of participants at the session on regional development and social economy, chaired by dr. Gábor Juhász, has indicated the importance of the field. Main contributors were Attila Nyikos (Széchenyi Programme Office) and Julianna Boros (UP)

Comunity development and community values (Chair: Éva Knyihár, social worker)

A presentation was held on a Roma community for social integration (Julianna Boros, PhD student, UP). Orsolya Kovács showed a video on an international community programme to preserve the built environment; and dr. Mária Arapovics discussed details of a national project „Active Communities” to train experts in community development.

The roundtable on the history of our academic programmes showed the beginnings of our story and encouraged participants to reflect on the developments.



We owe special thanks first and foremost to Florida State University for sponsoring Professor Gomory’s flight and stay in Hungary.

The Faculty of Humanities, University of Pécs and the Jubilee 650, University of Pécs also sponsored the conference. We express our thanks to Ottó Vázsonyi, Faculty Manager for his flexible and timely assistance in organizing the event

We appreciate the support of 4 Dimension Association for Social Sciences.

We express our gratitude to all the presenters at the conference for their invaluable contribution to the success of the event.


Many thanks for the extreme supportiveness and thoughtfulness of several faculty members and students, among others, to dr. Georgina Mucsi and dr. Daniel Molnár assistant professors, and Elizabeth Joyce Brownwood, Nikolett Csapláros and András Nász students.




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