Dr. habil. Gábor Juhász, PhD.

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Principal lecturer in Social Economics & European Union Studies


Tel: +36-72-503-600 / 23531 ext.

Email: juhaszgaborx@gmail.com


Current job: 

Associate Professor (University of Pécs Faculty of Humanities Institute of Social Relations Department of Community and Social Studies); 

Head of Research Center (University of Pécs Faculty of Humanities Research Centre for Social Inclusion and Social Economy)


Academic qualification:

            MSc in Social Policy (Janus Pannonius Scientific University, Pécs, 1996);

            BSc in Social Work (Janus Pannonius Scientific University, Pécs, 1997);

            MA in European Union Studies (University of Pécs, 2004).


Scientific degrees:

Ph.D. in Economics, 2001 (Kaposvár University – University of Pécs);

Dr. habil. in Pedagogy, 2008 (University of Pécs).


Academic membership:

Member of the General Assembly of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences;

2014 until the present time: member of MTA IX. Commission of Economics and Law Comission of Human Resources;

2010 until the present time: member of MTA PAB IX. Commission of Economics and Law Working Commitee of Sociology;

2005 until the present time: member of MTA VEAB Commission of Economics, Law and Social Science.

2000 until the present time: member of MTA PAB Agro-Economic Comission (IV. Comission Working Commitee).


Courses taught in Hungarian and English:

Civil Society - The Institutions of the Local Society; Labor Market; The Process of the European Integration; Introductions to Economics; Economy and Society; Welfare Economics; Labor Market and Employment Policy; Project Management; Social Service Management; Social Research; Management; Global Capitalism and Social Policy; Employment and Social Policy; The Role and Importance of Civil Sector.



„Human Resources Development in the Non-Profit Sector”; Magyary Zoltán Felsőoktatási Közalapítvány; Research Fellow, 2005.

„New Segregation – Gated Communities in Hungary”; Hungarian Ministry of Education; Research Fellow, 2004-2007.


Previous academic (scientific, research & development) experience and results:

2013 until the present time: supervisor; University of Pécs Doctoral School of Sociology and Demography;

2010 until the present time: member of the Hungarian Sociological Association; Secretary  of the Hungarian Sociological Association Carpathian Basin Social Sciences Department.

2010 until the present time: member of the Editorial Board of Human Innovation Review, founding editor.

2010 until the present time: founder and head of the Socioeconomic Research Workshop at University of Pécs;

2010 until the present time: Senior Qualified HR Consultant; Hungarian Body of Human Resources Consultants, Budapest, Hungary;

2008-tól jelenleg is: member of the Editorial Board of the Social Review.

2006-2015: Research Director, Human Exchange Social and Economic Resources Research Institution;

2004-2008: Research Professor, Deputy Head of Departement; Kodolányi János University College;

2003-2004: General Vice Director, Head of European Studies Center, Professor; Budapest College of Communication and Business;

2003: Qualified teacher and trainer; Institution of Hungarian Public Administration, Budapest, Hungary;

2002: Presidency recognition. Hungarian Association of Human Resources Management Consultants. Budapest.

2001-től jelenleg is: opponent and consultant activities for doctoral students at University of Pécs and University of Kaposvár;

2000: Qualified HR Consultant. Hungarian Body of Human Resources Consultants, Budapest, Hungary;

1997 until the present time: Project Manager, participating in European Union projects;

1997-2002: Lecturer, EU Project Manager, Head of Career Management Center; University of Kaposvár Institute of Economics and Organization.

1998: „Armand Blanc” Publication Award (Juhász, G - Kemény, G.: Factors Influencing the Development of Agricultural Enterprises in Hungary. Proceedings of XIII. International Congress on Agricultural Engineering.) Rabat, Marokkó.


Study abroad:

Higher Education Research & Development and Technology Transfer, Graz, Austria, 2011.

Agricultural and Rural Development Extension, Horst, the Netherlands, 1997.

Social and Employment Policies of Local Governments, Naples, Italy, 1994.

EU Integration Process, Port d’Albret, France, 1992.

Local Economic and Social Initiatives, Östersund, Sweden, 1993.

Micro Regional Development Programs, Erba, Italy, 1991.

Social and Employment Policies of Local Governments, Felbach, Germany, 1990.


List of the 5 most important publications or works that are relevant for the previous academic and scientific life-work:

Dr. Linda Szijjártó - Dr. Gábor Juhász - Dr. Ferenc Csima: Management Economics. Kaposvár University – University of Pannonia– Cereal Research Non-Profit Ltd. of Szeged, 2014

Dr. Juhász G.: The Role and Importance of Social Economy in the Development of Local Community and Economy and Regional Convergence. In: Humán Innovációs Szemle. 2013. 1-2. szám. 38-45. p.

Dr. M. B. Erdős – Dr. G. Juhász –D. Molnár: Active citizenship in a post-transitional context. In: Acta Social Analysis (ISSN 20697449). Scientific Journal of Sapientia University. 2012.

Dr. Juhász, G.: The Importance of Human, Social and Cultural Capital. In: Humán Innovációs Szemle. 2010. 1.-2. szám. 6-13. p.

Dr. Garai, P. – Dr. Juhász, G. – Dr. Kemény, G.: The Promotion of European Ecosocial Model to the Development of Hungarian Agricultural Employment and Rural Areas. In: AGRICULTURE Scientific and Professional Review. Vol. XIII./1. 2007. 21-24. p.


The full publication list is available in the Hungarian Scientific Publications Database (MTMT):