Éva Vojtek

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Lecturer in Social Policy


tel: +36 72 503600 /  23577 ext.
email: vojtek.eva@pte.hu


Éva Vojtek has obtained her Masters in Social Policy in 2008. Currently, she is a PhD student in the Interdisciplinary Doctoral School at the University of Pecs. She started her academic career in 2008.

Her main fields of interest and area of research are analysis of social services, social service management, quantity and quality disproportions in the system of social services, regional social policy and equal opportunity problems of disadvantaged groups and people, evaluation research of projects.


Participation in research projects:

2015 TÁMOP-4.2.2.D-15/1/Konv-2015-0015 „Development of a Trans- and Interdisciplinary Researcher Team Base on University Knowledge, Connecting to Enviromental Industry” studied the enviromentally caring consciousness, attitude and knowledge about renewable energy of population in the excluded region of Sellye.

2014 TÁMOP 5.4.9-11/1-2012-0036 “Network cooperation for upgrading the Subregion of Sellye” Dél-Dunántúli Regionális Forrásközpont

2013 Needs assesment in the Subregion of Sásd TÁMOP 5.2.3-09/1 „Integrated local programs for reducing child poverty” Hungarian Academy Of Sciences

2010-2012 TÁMOP-5.4.4-09-2/C-0008 „Reflective Social Education System in the 21st Century”


Publications in English:

Vojtek É. (2013): Debts, housing poverty, poverty trap and social services in the most disadvantaged areas of Hungary.  Szociális Szemle 2013. I.II. 82-87.


Hajnalka Sz Makó, Juhász G.- Vojtek É. (2011): Workplace Stress and Conflict Management further Studies on Human Research Aiming at the Innovation of Workplace Health Promotion. Humán Innovációs Szemle 2011. I. 95-107.


Lectures, workshops and poster-presentations in English:

Vojtek É. (2013). Depts, poverty trap and social services in the most deprived areas of Hungary „Response-able Communities” Conference 22-24. May 2013, Pécs


The full publication list is available in the Hungarian Scientific Publications Database (MTMT):