International relations

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Open attitudes to the diversity of human cultures, the capacity to form and develop resourceful networks and improve one's self-reflective capacity are the cornerstones of social professions. Our department lays special emphasis on developing national and international relations with various institutions providing social worker training, conducting social research or practicing social work and encourage student participation in these networks.

International partners (in alphabetical order):

Arteveldehogeschool, Belgium
A student exchange program in the Erasmus network that has started in 2009. Two students, Bart Capoen and Thomas Clauw spent their placement at our Department from February, 2010 to June, 2010. (Field instructor: Eva Knyihar, European Capital of Culture Volunteer Coordinator, MSW)

Babes-Bolyai University, Hungarian Faculty, School of Sociology and Social Work (BBU, Romania).
In 2008, the School hosted two lecturers from our department who could lecture and participate in the research activities of the institution. The staff exchange programme was funded by the Leonardo Mobility Programme.
As a second step, we have invited Professor Albert-Lorincz Eniko into the Editorial Board of our journal, the Hungarian Social Review (Szociális Szemle).
Further co-operation is also planned the The Carpathian Network of Social Professionals.
There is a bilateral agreement between the Babes-Bolyai University and the University of Pecs.

Cheshire County Council
The CCC has several provisions in the field of social care throughout the county. The CCC offered placements in elderly care and in social care of persons with learning disabilities for our students. In 2007, six students could participate in the project for 39 weeks in the frameworks of the Leonardo Mobility Programme. The stipend they received from Leonardo Programme was complemented by a bursary from CCC to make students' lives more comfortable.

Grand Valley State University, Michigan
In the fall semester of 2009/2010 professor Joan M. Borst spent her sabbatical year at our department as a Fulbright Scholar. Her contributions to our methods of instructing social work in health settings have made her an invaluable member of the team. Also, she collected a huge number of reference books - kind donations from American colleagues and publishers - that serve as the basis of the Department Library.

Ferenc Rákóczi II. Transcarpathian Hungarian Institute, Department of History and Social Sciences
Ukraine, 9200 Beregszász, Kossuth tér 6. 

Florida State University, College of Social Work
In the autumn of 2005/6, Tomi Gomory, Associate Professor spent his sabbatical in Hungary as a Fulbright Scholar. He held lectures for our students and was involved in various research activities at the department. Professor Gomory was first author of the article „Kényszer vagy együttműködés" published in a leading Hungarian journal for social professionals („Esély").
In the spring semester of 2006/7 the Florida State University invited our students to participate in an international course (International Social Work and Social Welfare) The Hungarian participants could work together with students from the Florida State University and the University of West Indies via the Internet. Pat Lager, Director of International Programmes headed the course.
In July, 2008 Professor Gomory organized a faculty development visit for 11 lecturers and researchers form various universities in the United States who came to study the Hungarian system of social care.
Professor Gomory is a Member of the Editorial Board of the Hungarian Social Review.
There is a bilateral agreement between Florida State University and the University of Pecs to promote student exchange, joint courses and research projects.

Middlesex University, Centre for Excellence of Learning and Teaching in Mental Health and Social Work (Social Work Academic Group, SWAG, Middlesex, UK.).
In 2008, SWAG hosted our lecturer, beneficiary of the Leonardo Mobility Programme who was assigned to various tasks in lecturing and research. As the research and lecturing interests of SWAG coincide with ours, further plans on future co-operation are outlined. A lecturer has been invited to a conference in September on addiction counselling.

Patrium Christian University, Faculty of Humanities, Department of Social Sciences
Ro 410209 Oradea, Str. Primariei Nr. 27. Several colleagues are members of the editorial board and authors of Szociális Szemle (Hungarian Social Review).
Regular faculty visits and conference participations are planned. 

PROMIS Recovery Centre, Nonigton, UK
The Centre offers therapy for patients with various types of addictions. Dr. Robert Lefever, founder of the PROMIS Recovery Centre has written a number of seminal works on addictions and recovery. Some of his works have been translated and published by the Leo Amici Foundation and the University of Pecs to improve Hungarian professionals' theoretical knowledge and practical skills. In 2008, a lecturer from our department could spend three weeks at PROMIS conducting field research.

Sherborne Area Partnership (SAP), UK
SAP hosts volunteers from various European countries to share the work at Yeovil Trinity Foyer, a provision for young homeless persons. So far 6 students of social work have participated in the programme from our department and could spend their placement in one of the model organizations in the United Kingdom.

School of Health and Social Care, University College Chester, UK.
The Department of Social Work (Chair: Professor Aidan Worsley) hosted two Hungarian lecturers in 2007-2008 in the frameworks of the Leonardo Mobility Programme.
Beneficiaries could study methods of lecturing and participate in a research project of the hosting institution.

The Scientific Association for Hungarology Research 
Serbia, 24000 Subotica Branislava Nušića 2/1 

University College Oslo, Norway
In 2003/4, Professor Michael Seltzer spent his sabbatical at our department and was involved in research at the Leo Amici Rehabilation Centre for drug addicts. As a recent development of our co-operation, Professor Seltzer has joined the Editorial Board of Hungarian Social Review.
University College Oslo and the University of Pecs have signed a bilateral agreement to promote student exchange (Erasmus programmes) 

University of Novi Sad, Teachers' Training Faculty in Hungarian in Subotica
Serbia,Subotica, Strossmayer str. 11.