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Prof. Dr. Árpád Baráth, PhD.

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Professor, Lecturer in Psychological Trauma & Health Psychology

Prof. Arpad Barath graduated as a psychologist. He earned his Ph.D. degree at the Department of Psychology, University of Zagreb. He defended his habilitation thesis at the University of Pecs.


Between 1972 and 1975 he participated in an empiric study on counselling at the Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan, (Ann Arbour, U.S.A.)

In 1992 he was a fellow at The John Hopkins University Institute for Policy Studies (International Fellowship Grant in Philanthropy, Baltimore, 1992) and participated in an international research on psychosocial support systems.

Recently, he has researched and published on psycho-trauma and children's mental health. He has been involved in a great number of European and international research projects on various themes (war-traumas, children's mental health human trafficking and ethnic minority issues funded by the UNICEF, ICI, CICE, PRIAE, IOM and national ministries in Hungary and Croatia.)

Recently, Arpad Barath has participated in the following projects:

Building bridges: Children and families with war traumas in Sarajevo. Psychosocial rehabilitation. International Children's Institute - ICI BiH, Montreal - Sarajevo, Canada - BiH, 1999-2003.

Steps in rehabilitation: psychosocial treatment of children at risk. Counselling and art therapy. Center for Crisis Psychology, Bergen, Norway/UNICEF - Prishtina Office, 1999-2000.

Minority elderly care in Europe. PRIAE - Policy Research Institute for Ageing and Ethnicity/ European Commission, Leeds-London, 2001-2005.

Social exclusion and steps to inclusion in the social care of small village population in Baranya County. Családsegítő és Gyermekjóléti Társulás - Villány. Ifjúsági, Családügyi, Szociális és Esélyegyenlőségi Minisztérium Pályázati Programja. Hungarian Ministry of Family, Child Welfare and Equal Chances. 2003-2005.

Human trafficking: health and mental health issues. IOM - International Organization for Migration, Budapest- Brussels, 2003-2004.

Building healthy Roma communities in Central-Eastern Europe. IOM - International Organization for Migration, Brussels, 2006-

Membership of professional bodies

1971- : Croatian Psychological Association

1974- : American Psychological Association (Washington DC)

1981-: Croatian Interdisciplinary Scholars' Assembly. (Zagreb)

1986- : European Association for Experimental Social Psychology (London)

1992-: Johns Hopkins International Fellows in Philanthropy (Baltimore)

1993-: International Society for Third Sector Research (Baltimore)

1993-: European Society for Trauma Psychology (Bergen, 1993-tól)

1994-: Croatian Hungarian Scientific and Art Association (Zagreb)

1998- : Children's Identity and Citizenship in Europe (CICE, Brussels)

Editorial Board Member

International Journal of Self Help and Mutual Aid (USA, Baywood Publ. Co., Inc.)

Media Research: Croatian Journal for Journalism and the Media  (Zagreb)

Szociális Szemle (Hungarian Social Review). Editor-in-Chief


1994: "Ramiro Bujas" Croatian Psychological Association

2001: Winner of the International Reading Association Award for Innoavative Reading Promotion in Europe. Dublin, Ireland: July 5, 2001

Selected publications:

In English:

Baráth Á., Gajwska, A., Jones, A., Macakova, S., Moisa, F., Odrušova, Szilárd, I.: Building healthy Roma communities. Brussels: IOM - International Organization for Migration, 2006.

Baráth, Á., Hauff, E., Jaffé, P.D., Jakab, Gy., Motus, N., Szilárd, I., Tudorache, D., Venelinova, R., Weekers, J. : The mental health aspects of trafficking in human beings: A set of standards. Budapest: IOM International Organization of Migration, 2004.

Baráth, Á. (2003): Cultural art therapy in the treatment of war trauma in children and youth: Perspectives in the former Yugoslavia. In: S. Krippner and T. M. McIntry (eds). The psychological impact of war on civilians: An international perspective. Westport, Connecticut, London: Praeger, 2003. pp. 155-170.

The full publication list is available in the Hungarian Scientific Publications Database (MTMT):