Invitation for Conference

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We are pleased to invite you to attend the Programme Evaluation in Social Sciences Online International Conference to be held on March 25-26, 2021. The event aims to bring together researchers, practitioners, educators and decision makers. The conference will be organized by the Social Innovation and Evaluation Centre (University of Pécs)

Key speaker: Prof. Roger Ellis, OBE, Director, Social and Health Evaluation Unit (SHEU), Professor Emeritus in Applied Psychology University of Ulster, Emeritus Professor of Psychology University of Chester, Visiting Professor University of Bedfordshire, Visiting Professor Napier University, Visiting Professor Buckinghamshire New University, Visiting Professor Kent State University, Visiting Professor Hokkaido Imperial University Japan, Visiting Professor Northern Ontario School of Medicine

Suggested themes:

-          Impact of Evaluation on Policy and Practice. The role of programme evaluation in policy shaping

-          Evaluating social work interventions

-          Evaluation paradigms

-          Evaluation ethics

-          Evaluation as a transdisciplinary, inter-professional enterprise

-          Innovative frameworks and methodologies in evaluation

-          How to teach programme evaluation to university students?

-          Communication in Evaluation

-          Stakeholder priorities: a potential source of conflict or growth?

-          Partnership in Evaluation

-          Ownership of programme evaluation

-          The societal context of evaluation

If your preferred theme does not seem to fit into the above framework, please contact us at:

The event – in accordance with slow science principles, and to promote the equality of chancesis free for both presenters and attendees. Presenters are asked to submit a 150-200-word abstract first. If the abstract is accepted then the lecturers, if they wish, can send a 4-8 pages long conference paper per presentation. Accepted papers will be published in Social Review, a peer-reviewed bilingual journal in Social Work in 2021 ( Organizers provide an onine platform for synchronous participation and presentation.

A template for your conference paper is available at our website. If English is not your first language, please use a service of your choice for grammar check. We will not correct your grammatical mistakes. The organizing committee will reject any presentations that do not meet usual academic standards (as in, for example,

Important Dates

Conference Days: 25-26 March, 2021.

Abstract submission: 15th March. You will need to submit your abstract to:

(Subject: Evaluation, abstract). You will receive an email with acceptance or rejection of your abstract in about 7-10 days from sending it via email. Please provide a frequently used email address.

Conference papers and Power Point presentations to be sent to are due by 15th March. This is the registration deadline for participants.

Submission site for the conference papers: (or you can send it to as attachment. Subject: Evaluation, article)

By 20th March, you will receive an email with online access details and a schedule.  

Date of journal publication: 30th June or 31th December, depending on the reviewers’ su